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Museums and Sexual Diversity, Intelligent Museums podcast, Argentina, 2023.

Mammograms in Artistic and Emotional Key, Semanario Universidad, 2023.

Interview in “Música para llevar”,

Radio U, 2022.

Museum of Identity and Pride proposes an approach to experiential and emotional art: Tatiana Muñoz. La República, 2021.

Interview for Estilo Ejecutivo Magazine, 2021.

Tatiana Muñoz Brenes Is Done With “Non-political Curatorship”. Hyperallergic, 2020.

About how to get the museum out of the closet. Puerto Rico Art News, 2020.

Queerstionary. Museo Di, Chile, 2020.

About the Andean Summit of Museums of the Americas in Ecuador. ICOM United States, 2018.


One of my tattoos, by Jeanette Arosemena, oil on canvas, 2019.

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